Get your Facebook news feed delivered daily in a unique, magazine style! 
Ever wish you could read your friends’ status updates, see their more recent pictures and more as if you’re reading through your own, personalized Facebook magazine? Well, with FriendsWire, you can. FriendsWire gives you a unique Facebook experience like none other - the app even allows users to view issues by date! Simply download the app, log in and we take care of the rest. 

  • Gathers friends’ activities from the previous day and presents them in a package that is visually pleasing and easy-to-navigate 
  • Receive a quick update of your friends’ news feed at-a-glance 
  • Go back in time and see what your friends did on a certain date 
  • See the most popular status, video and photo on the front cover (iPad only) 
  • The exclusive activity indicator will showcase how active your friend were on Facebook during the previous day (iPhone only) 
  • The magazine icon will update daily to reflect your friends’ most recent Facebook posted images 
  • Share your magazine cover as well as friends' pages via Facebook, twitter or Email! (iPad only).

 No wifi or 3G currently? No worries! Enjoy an immersive Facebook offline experience - you can browse through your friends’ news feeds even if there is no internet connection. This feature makes FriendsWire an ideal app for reading on the subway, bus, airplane or anyplace where there is low or no Internet connectivity. 

With FriendsWire you’ll experience Facebook like never before!